Experiencing It All

Just as getting ready to travel means stuffing your dufflebag with a toothbrush and a bar of soap, so discovering all the adventures on this journey of life requires preparation. Redeemer youth activities are intentionally designed to help middle school and high school students gain an understanding of God’s amazing love for us and his plan that we follow and serve Jesus. 

If you’d like to chat about youth activities at Redeemer, feel free to contact Ms. Amy Long, Director of Children, Youth & Family Ministry.

The big picture:

  • Teaching and Growth | Confirmation and Sunday school
  • Leadership Development | Worship Team, Adventures in Leadership, Camp Junior Staff
  • Service and Mission | Mission trips, MOVE, Second Harvest, Redemeer Kids
  • Fellowship and Community | Youth Group and Community Groups
  • Special Events | Winter Retreat, Covenant Pines Bible Camp, CHIC, MUUUCE

Explore more:

Snapshot of Summer Activities
Youth Group is on summer break. Watch for big event details here.

  • June 9  |  Graduation Sunday  |  10 a.m.
  • June 10-15  |  Senior High 1 @ Covenant Pines Bible Camp
  • June 16-22  |  Adventures in Leadership
  • June 18  |  Middle School Event: Color Powder Games at Salem Cov  |  6-8:30 p.m.
  • June 23, Sunday  |  Youth BBQ at Tika’s!  |  4-6 p.m.
    All youth are invited to Wayland and Martika’s home for a backyard BBQ. Bring a friend and something to share. THERE WILL BE RIBS!
  • June 24-29  |  Junior High 1 @ Covenant Pines Bible Camp
  • June 30  |  Youth Missions Team Commissioning at 10 a.m. service
  • July 7-12  |  Youth Missions Trip to Lake Traverse, SD Read more >>
  • July 15-20  |  Junior High 2 @ Covenant Pines Bible Camp
  • July 24  |  Middle School Event: Messy Games at Salem Cov  |  6-8 p.m.
  • July 29-Aug 1  |  Service Op with VBS at Redeemer
  • July 29-Aug 3  |  Senior High 2 @ Covenant Pines Bible Camp
  • August 1-3  |  MUUUUCE

We love Bible Camp |

2019 Summer Camp Scholarships | It’s time to start planning for camp! The cost of a week at Covenant Pines averages about $400, and partial scholarships are available to students who are active participants here at Redeemer. 2019 Camp Scholarship Applications are now available and will be due no later than Jan. 16, 2019. Each application requires a $75 deposit. For questions or more information, contact Ms. Amy Long.

Cov Pines Camp Updates:

  • Kids Camp is now for students entering grades 2-4. Students entering grade 4 can choose whether to go to Kids Camp (2 nights & 3 days) or Trailblazers (5 nights & 6 days). There are 3 Kids Camp sessions to choose from.
  • Junior High is now for students entering grades 6-8. Students entering 6th grade can choose between Trailblazers and Junior High. Students entering 9th grade will have the opportunity to attend one of the Senior High sessions.
  • Junior Staff: All Leaders in Training (LIT) sessions are now just one week instead of two. The cost of each session is $120.

Every Fall – Covenant Pines Retreats:
Junior High (Grades 6-8), Wed-Fri of MEA Weekend
Senior High (Grades 9-12), Fri-Sun of MEA Weekend

Contact Ms. Amy for questions or more details.