Keeping Up with our Missions Blog

Redeemer is a “sending” church.

“What does that mean?” you might ask. Check out our missions blog to learn how we are connected with service work and missionaries around the world. Start discovering now

You might also want to check out the Missions page of this website to discover the many ways we can show the love of Jesus by reaching out with helping hands to our neighbors near and far—whether right here in Brooklyn Park, down near the border of Mexico, way up north in Alaska, or across the ocean.

A great way to keep up with Covenant missions is through the Serve Globally Prayer Calendar. We have hard copies at church, or you may subscribe to receive updates through e-mail.

Note: We have recently changed the Redeemer mission blog to tighten up security. With this new security, follow the steps below to access the Redeemer blog:

  1. Create your own ID at You will be asked to create a blog, which you can leave blank.
  2. Once you have your ID, you can request to follow the redeemercovorg blog (email Gary Williams if you cannot complete this step.)
  3. Besides having your own personal blog, you can receive notification when entries are added to the Redeemer blog through your email address.
  4. If you need any assistance in creating your ID, contact Gary Williams and he can create the ID and set up a temporary password, which you can then change.