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Work Matters

February 11 – March 4, 2018

Connecting our “Sunday Worship” and our “Monday Work” can be quite the challenge. Whether you’re fully-employed, under-employed, stay-at-home parents, retirees, students, etc., this sermon series will explore reasons and ideas for living out your faith in your place of work. Weekly topics will address but not be limited to the 9-5 work force.

We Are For Our Neighbors!

January 7 – 28, 2018

As a new year begins, explore with us what happens when we take the focus off ourselves and choose to reach out with genuine care, concern and curiosity to those near us at home, work and church. What might it look like for us to love our neighbors as Jesus teaches us to love them?

Are We There Yet?

December 3 – 24, 2017

This Advent season, as we wait for Christmas, Pastor Ben’s new sermon series focuses on a question often heard from our children while on a road trip: “Are we there yet?” As we contemplate the waiting that’s part of life, let’s review the journeys of several biblical characters who certainly endured quite the wait!

In the Beginning…

September 24 – October 29, 2017 (with a break on Oct. 8 for Taste of Africa)

The book of Genesis provides an account of God’s earliest interactions with humankind that can continue to shape our lives today. It’s a book filled with adventures and with human examples (both good and bad) that we can learn a lot from. It also beautifully illustrates the continuous thread of God’s provision and faithfulness, as we pay particular attention to the life of Joseph.

Real Life, Real Freedom

June 4 – July 2, 2017

The Apostle Paul wrote the letter of Galatians to a church that was hung up on following customs and rituals to earn God’s favor. As we dive into this letter together, we’ll discover that the life that is offered through the grace of Jesus Christ frees us up to receive God’s amazing love and to serve others through transformed lives and by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Kingdom Living

January 1 – February 12, 2017

What does it mean for Christians to participate in God’s work in the world? How can we live our lives now as citizens of God’s Kingdom, and not just wait for the Kingdom of Heaven down the road or at the end of our lives? Each week we’ll look at one aspect of the kind of kingdom lives that God empowers us to live.