Global Outreach

Redeemer’s Outreach Mission

The purpose of Missions and Outreach at Redeemer is to extend support to our missionaries, both career and short-term, at home and abroad. Missionary support consists of prayer, correspondence, and financial support. We strive to promote, develop, and communicate missions and outreach with the entire church family.

Read our missions blog to learn how Redeemer is connected with service work and missionaries around the world.

Partnering in Serving

These missionaries are supported by Redeemer’s worldwide, long-term outreach:

Randy and Cheryl Bevis – ECC—special assignment

Gary and Pauline Carlson – ECC—Japan

Keith and Debbie Hamilton – Alaska Christian College

Tom and Joy Harriger – Cru high school student ministry

Katie and Julio Isaza – ECC—Colombia

David and Linda Koblish – “Under His Wings” music ministry

Jim and Beth Luebe – The Navigators

Karl and Sue Peterson – ECC—Mexico

James and Nyaluak Gai Tang – ECC—South Sudan

Tim and Lynn Westberg – Shelter Ministries

Tom and Joy Harriger

Dave and Linda Koblish