Living Out Compassion

On other continents or neighborhoods nearby, the world is full of chances to show God’s love through our actions and attitudes. Jesus said, “Whatever you do for these brothers and sisters of mine, you do for me,” and with that in mind, we seek to be a place of light and warmth in a difficult world.¬†

Whether it’s Second Harvest, Families Moving Forward, the Zanewood Community School, helping people during difficult times, or supporting missions, we’re working to share the love of God with those around us, both locally and globally. So come experience the joy of reaching out to others and sharing Christ’s love. Discover where you can serve with a Ministry Team: Volunteer

An Invitation…

The most important way to show our love for you is to invite you to experience new life in Christ. The Bible says any person who trusts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will be given a brand-new life from God. So to be a Christian, a trusting personal relationship with Jesus is all that’s needed. We invite you to read how to know Jesus.