Ministry Teams in Focus: Hospitality

Hospitality Ministry Area

Redeemer is passionate about helping newcomers feel like our special guests who are glad they came to church! The Hospitality Ministry Area ensures this warm welcome and smooth worship experience for visitors and regular attenders alike. In large part this involves schedules/training of greeters, ushers, bulletin collators, Sunday coffee servers, kitchen use & care workers, and first impressions folks.

This is all managed by Judy Naus and her Ministry Team leaders, with Sandy Malley as the Leadership Team point person. Judy wrote a great review in the 2016 Annual Report indicating the number of servants involved: 120 greeters, 96 ushers, about 12 Sunday coffee servers, about 12 bulletin collators, and about 6 kitchen use & care folks. Now with our new Welcome Center, an additional person for each Sunday service will be serving. Even more workers have come on board with the new First Impressions Team.

Interesting Fact: When we added up all the time slots to cover Hospitality positions in 2017’s schedule, we discovered we need to fill a grand total of 1,024 time slots annually, or about 19 people per Sunday.

That’s why We Need YOU. Please get in touch with Judy Naus or Sandy Malley if you want to learn more, and they can help you get involved. Watch for updates on how to fulfill our Hospitality Ministry Area statement of purpose:

The Hospitality Ministry Area includes a welcome for all who come to Redeemer, as well as a dedication to ensuring that Redeemer’s worship and fellowship run smoothly.

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