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Sermon Series

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

Starting September 7, 2014 

Holy SpiritThis series will help us understand the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, church, and world and will prepare us for the ways he wants to lead us. We will also take a hard look at the anchors and hurdles that are holding us back from really experiencing all that God has for us.

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Growing through Connecting

Summer 2014 - Beginning July 13

We need each other for our Christian growth
and thriving faith, so our lives must be intertwined to support each other. By sharing the connectedness of life, the “winds” that blow against us will cause all our roots to go deep in Christ. This is the ministry of the church. This sermon series is mainly shared through the voices of Redeemer's church members.

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Is Jesus in Your Boat?

Beginning March 2014 

Toward DiscipleshipThe disciple Peter is known for great flub-ups, and we are all more like Peter than we may want to admit: We desire to follow Christ in bold ways, but we lack the faith to keep going. Come learn the great lesson that Peter learned: We need to get out of our boat and get fully in step with Christ.

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It's Not Easy!

January 12 - February 16, 2014

"The call of Christ is a call to hard work." That's how Pastor Steve explains the effort behind the five core ministries needed to accomplish God's mission of seeing more disciples in a more caring and just world. "Let us be a servant people. There is a job for each generation." This sermon series teaches us to engage life and service together in Christ. 

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Our Hope at Christmastime

December 2013

Take time to join us in this series of Sunday messages that focus on four weekly themes for the Advent Season. We start with “hope” as we wait for the birth of Christ. The next two weeks we acknowledge that Christ is the full expression of God’s “love” and brings us “peace.” On Christmas Eve, we see how this all fits together in the birth of Christ when our "hope" has arrived.

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Available on CD

*Audio CDs of the entire service are available to order in the library.

Upcoming Events

  • Sticking Together Redeemer Covenant Church invites you to come for a fun evening of casual church where families can worship and support one another together. Miss Amy has more details, if you have any questions.
  • Celebrating Africa! On October 26, you are invited to a colorful Sunday of celebrating Africa's worship, music and food—all right here in Brooklyn Park! 
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