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Sermon Series

Sacred Pathways

April 19 - June 2015

What is a "sacred pathway"? Put very simply, it describes the way we relate to God, how we draw near to him. Do we have just one pathway? Not necessarily. Most of us, however, will naturally have a certain predisposition for relating to God, which is our predominant spiritual temperament. Using biblical figures, historic church movements, and various personality temperaments, we can identify nine spiritual temperaments—or "sacred pathways." In this series Pastor Steve helps us discover ourselves and our own style for relating to God

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Your Pathway Assessment  >>
Your Spiritual Temperament Quiz >>
1. Are you a sensate? >>
2. Are you a naturalist? >>
3. Are you a traditionalist? >>
4. Are you an ascetic? >>
5. Are you an activist? >>
6. Are you a caregiver? >>
7. Are you an enthusiast? >>

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The Importance of Touch

February to Easter 2015

Touch of God

As we journey between Christmas and Easter, we understand that Christ came to dwell among us—the first touch between God and man. Delve into this sermon series to discover how we can restore the touch God wants us to have with the world around us.  

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Actively Waiting

January 2015

Soar like an eagleWe don't often see the words "active" and "wait" in the same phrase. But the Bible connects "wait" with active terms like soar, seek, renew, run, grow, surrender, expect, trust, love, and hope. This sermon series teaches us that waiting is indeed not a passive act. Discover the true meaning of biblical waiting, which includes action!

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God's Christmas Gift of Love

December 2014

ExpectationExpectation, Annunciation, Proclamation, and Fulfillment. These four themes form the foundation for our Christmas messages of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. Hear the testimonies of three biblical women—Anna, Elizabeth, and Mary—that will point us to receiving God's gift of love: Jesus Christ.

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Bearing the Marks for Christ

November 2014

Thank the Giver"...the one who, upon receiving gifts from his hand, turns to the Giver himself in gratitude gains a full and rich lifeAs we reflect on and celebrate all of our blessings in this season of Thanksgiving, let’s recognize the Giver. May we be thankful by living our lives in grateful response to what God has done for us, bearing in our bodies the attitude of gratitude." (excerpt from Pastor Steve's November letter)  

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