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Mission Trips

Working Where Needed

Pounding nails, washing windows, painting walls, teaching English, telling Bible stories, leading worship services, organizing paperwork—each job is valued and no task is too small for those committed to sharing the love of Jesus by their actions.

Redeemer's 2014 worldwide, short-term outreach included:

  • February 22 - March 2  |  Jamaica
  • March 21-29  |  Youth to Texico

Jamaica 2014

From February 22 – March 2 about a dozen from Redeemer went on a one-week mission trip to Jamaica to repair the building at the Berry Dale Church of God, located in the rural town in Clarendon. Our work projects included: painting, repairing a bathroom floor and fixtures, installing wiring for internet connections, repairing benches, building new tables for classrooms, and replacing damaged doors in the church. We were excited to begin a food distribution program where, for only $5 per Jamaican family, a week’s worth of meals could be provided consisting of: rice, flour, sugar and cornmeal. It was a very worthwhile trip.



Texico 2011

Los Indios, Texas, was the destination of the Texico mission team this year. This Spanish-speaking community is on the US-Mexico border. The church where the team stayed helps Spanish-speaking families who are in transition. While there, the team did maintenance projects on the church, directed an evening VBS program for community children, and enjoyed times of worship and fellowship with the church body there.


Redeemer and Alaska Christian College

Redeemer has been a long-term partner with Alaska Christian College (ACC) in Soldatna, Alaska. In August 2011, we sent a team of twenty individuals to ACC to help with a variety of work projects ranging from office/library tasks to landscaping and construction work.

If you have any questions about the mission team/trips at Redeemer, please contact Bob Genoch.


Taking a look back on Texico 2010!

What did the Redeemer youth and adult volunteers learn about missions work this past March? That saying “yes” to missions work means saying “yes” to being flexible! That flexibility was key not just in regard to what they’d be doing on this trip but even last-minute changes in where they’d be going.

Each spring for over 15 years, Redeemer youth and adults have been heading to Reynosa, Mexico. Wonderful relationships have been developed with the people at Prince of Peace Bible School and Prince of Peace Church in Reynosa.

But just days prior to this year’s trip, Pastor Todd was advised by the Reynosa hosts that due to recent violence in the area, the team should not cross the border into Reynosa as was planned. For some students, this was to be their first trip to Reynosa, but for others this was going to be a return trip to a very special place in their hearts.

So in the days of planning that followed this decision, the Reynosa trip became the “Texico” trip. Pastor Todd had a connection with a church in Los Indios, Texas, which is a border town also but on the USA side of the border. After many last-minute calls and changes, God paved a way for the missions team to serve new friends at Iglesia Bautista Emanuel (Emmanuel Baptist Church) and still meet up with friends from the ministry in Reynosa, all while remaining in Texas. “Texico” became the best way to describe a missions trip to Texas, but still maintaining previous connections with the ministry in Mexico.

One of the ministries of Iglesia Bautista Emanuel is to provide temporary housing for people in transition that are legally entering the USA. The church is trying to build a fellowship hall with a food bank for the community. The Redeemer missions team held a one-day Bible School for the area children of Los Indios, did painting and repair projects, and worked on several projects at the home of Brother Kincaid in Mission, Texas. Brother Kincaid is a longtime partner in ministry with the school and church in Reynosa. He travels back and forth between his home in Texas and Reynosa.

God has changed the hearts and lives of Redeemer youth and adult volunteers through this “Texico” missions trip experience. The team asks for your prayers for their friends in ministry in Reynosa, Mexico, who are still living daily with the violence and unrest in their community.



Upcoming Events

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  • Celebrating Africa! On October 26, you are invited to a colorful Sunday of celebrating Africa's worship, music and food—all right here in Brooklyn Park! 
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