An Act of Worship

Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministry of Redeemer Covenant Church through your generous giving. We believe that giving shows our devotion and gratitude to God who provides us with everything we have (1 Timothy 6:7).

Online Database: Getting Connected!

Join the community of other Redeemer Covenant Church attendees using InFellowship, our online database provided by Fellowship One. It’s simple:

Once logged in, you can:

  • Update your personal profile (add photo, contact info, social networks)
  • Access church directory (we encourage you to opt into the directory)
  • Set up online giving
  • Print giving statement
  • Manage privacy settings

Give without an Account

Online Giving: Getting Started

  1. Register for a new account on our online system called InFellowship.
  2. Be sure to check your e-mail for a confirmation message to confirm your new account.
  3. Fully complete Your Profile so we have your latest information.
  4. Set your Privacy Settings and opt-in to the online Church Directory if available.
  5. Use the Your Giving links for Give Now or Schedule Giving to contribute to Redeemer Covenant Church.

Hint: If you signed up using information we already have on record for you, you will be able to see your past giving history immediately and can access the online church directory. If you don’t see your giving history or the directory link, that’s okay too because your new InFellowship account will be matched to your existing information in 7 to 10 days. Anything you contribute in the meantime will still be included in your giving history after matching.

Learn more about how Redeemer Covenant Church receives, processes and stewards your financial gifts: